Simon Nickerson

I am a UK software developer, living in Cambridge and working in London.

I used to be a mathematician, and I have put some of my old research data onto this website too.

I like:

  • Coffee
  • Reading
  • J. S. Bach
  • Silly maths jokes
  • Programming!

I dislike:

  • Being apologised to by automated messages (“we are very sorry for the severe delay to your journey”)
  • Ironing
  • The phrase “going forward”
  • Patents on software
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  1. Hi Simon,

    Apologies for the un-introduced approach, we have not spoken before. I appreciate that you must receive multiple emails like this, but please understand that this is a genuine approach.

    Cutting to the chase, I have been asked to approach you for a very specific search I am conducting. I have been retained by a leading Algorithmic Trading Fund, with offices in Europe and the United States. I appreciate that you may have no interest in the Financial (Quant Trading) Space but please bear with me….

    My client is currently working on a very specific and unique mandate for technologists and researchers. They have a particular interest in speaking to individuals who, like yourself, have been working at Google. The reason being is that they are looking for the top 0.1% and are aware that Google hires only the brightest and talented individuals. To give you an idea, my client has recently employed a number of individuals from the likes of IBM, Microsoft, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, eBay etc and is looking for around 20-30 more Technologists and Researchers.

    Whilst this may appear very non-specific, I must point out that over the telephone I am able to give a better insight into this. Unfortunately, my client must minimise the spread of information to the market due to its current success, thus maximising confidentiality. However, I am able to point out that voluntary turnover within this firm is only 3%, due to the opportunities, growth, peers and of course compensation. They are willing to offer inflated basics, guaranteed bonuses and relocation packages – as well as cash instead of stock options.

    I would be very interested to discuss this in further detail with you for just five minutes; would you be amenable to this; and also, would you know of anyone else that would be too as there are around 15 positions?

    Kind regards,

    Luke Jackson

  2. Arlene

     /  June 14, 2017

    Hi Simon
    Do you the algorithm to find the 1500 number in the series, using numbers 2,3,5. I saw your post on a site.

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