Podcast: “Shot of JAQ”

In a prior life on Usenet, I knew a chap called Stuart Langridge, who went by the nick “Aquarius”. Aq had interesting and forthright opinions on pretty much any subject you cared to mention, and could put them forward eloquently and persuasively.

To my delight, I’ve discovered that Aq and a compadre (Jono Bacon) now do a regular podcast called Shot of JAQ. The idea is that the two of them have a conversation about issues about software and the open source community, the idea being that the conversation continues with the community on their website. Recent podcasts have been on Google’s decision to move out of China, e-book readers, alternatives to Skype, and Simon Cowell and the UK Christmas Number One.

Each podcast is about 10 minutes long, so is perfect for dipping into. Highly recommended.

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